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Few little facts about Tatsfield

Tatsfield is a village in the Tandridge district of Surrey.

The origin of the village name is uncertain. The English Place Name Society suggests it is derived from ‘a field or open land belonging to one Tatol’ (possibly a nickname meaning the lively one) The word ‘field’ denotes a clearing in an Anglo-Saxon forest. An alternative explanation is that the earliest community began on the hill with church, manor house and rectory. The name could therefore derive from Totehylefelde – meaning a look-out place in a clearing. The appearance of Tot-hyl in a place name is a reference to a watch hill and quite possibly to the whole system of Anglo-Saxon civil defence involving beacons, watch hill and army roads. Tatsfield appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Tatelefelle.

Tatsfield’s only tourist attraction comes in the form of a Reptile Zoo along the Approach Road into the village. The zoo houses a number of pythons, crocodiles, lizards and alligators. Until its death in 2006, the most famous of these cold-blooded residents was an alligator called “Big Boy”, who had a supporting role in the James Bond film “Live And Let Die”.

Donald Maclean, the British diplomat who defected to Russia in May 1951, lived with his wife and children in the house known as Beaconshaw in the village between December 1950 and May 1951. Maclean often visited The Old Ship public house in Tatsfield during that period.

John Surtees, a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver was born here.

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