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We offer environmentally friendly waste disposal service to domestic and commercial customers. If you live in Redhill and need a waste disposal or rubbish removal service, please contact us  0800 009 2111 or 0203 301 1435 or email us at or simply fill up our online quote form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you.

Few little facts about Redhill

Redhill is a town in the borough of Reigate and Banstead, Surrey.The town came into being when a road was built in 1818 The settlement was originally known as Warwick Town and became known as Redhill when the post office moved from Red Hill Common in 1856.

Redhill is also one of the few places in the UK where Fuller’s Earth can be extracted. Alfred Nobel demonstrated dynamite for the first time at a Redhill quarry in 1867.

the Royal Earlswood Hospital, was for 40 years home to two of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s cousins Katherine Bowes-Lyon and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, both of whom had learning difficulties.

The inmate James Henry Pullen (1835-1916) was an autistic savant. He was a brilliant craftsman and artist. His work was accepted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Some of Pullen’s ship models, designs and art work can be seen on permanent display at the Belfry Shopping Centre, High Street, Redhill.

Richard Carrington, the famous amateur astronomer, moved to Redhill in 1852, using his family fortune to build his own house and observatory. It was here that in 1859 he made astronomical observations that first corroborated the existence of solar flares as well as their electrical influence upon the Earth and its aurorae. In 1863 he published records of sunspot observations that first demonstrated differential rotation in the Sun. In 1865 ill health prompted him to sell his house and move to Churt, Surrey.

Kevin Kenner, American-born concert pianist, is now living in Redhill. Notable for winning both the Top Prize in the International Chopin Competition and the Bronze Medal in the International Tchaikovsky Competition.

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