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Few little facts about Oxshott

Oxshott is a village in Surrey. It is situated in London’s stockbroker belt and the area consequently has some of the highest property prices in the UK – it was voted as the most expensive suburb to live in, by the Daily Telegraph on 26 December, 2007.

Oxshott means “Ocga’s corner of land”, from the Old English personal name Ocga and sceat (related to modern ‘shoot’) “corner of land”. The first element does not, contrary to popular belief, have anything to do with oxen. The name was recorded in 1179 as Occesete. At this time Oxshott was a hamlet of about 200 people earning their living from forestry, farming and the keeping of pigs.

For 600 years Oxshott was in an isolated position, which was surrounded by heath and scrubland and connected to nearby villages only by footpaths.

In 1885 the nature of the village was changed forever with the building of the railway.

Oxshott is featured in the popular Confessions of a Shopaholic novels by British author Sophie Kinsella, as the hometown of the series’ narrator, Becky Bloomwood.

A greater part of the historic novel “Unter der Asche” (Beneath the ashes) by German author Tom Finnek is set in Oxshott and nearby Cobham.

Famous residents include:

John Terry – Chelsea and England captain.

Ashley Cole – Chelsea and England Left Back.

David Hamilton – Radio and TV Presenter

Andy Murray – Tennis Player

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