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Few little facts about Leatherhead

Leatherhead is a town in the County of Surrey, part of Mole Valley district. The origins of the town of Leatherhead appear to be Anglo-Saxon. The Leatherhead Museum has traced the history of the town from its beginnings in about AD 880 when it was known as Leodridan. Leatherhead appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Leret.

In 1986, the town was joined to the UK motorway system, when the M25 motorway was built to the north. Leatherhead became Junction 9, which has odd non-aligned entry/exit points on the two sides. The town is perhaps most frequently mentioned in the national media as the location of motorway traffic jams and accidents.

The symbol of Leatherhead is a swan holding a sword in its beak. Leatherhead’s Royal School for the Blind (now SeeAbility) was once the work-place for Paul Heaton.

In 2004, Leatherhead was officially twinned with Triel-sur-Seine, in the north-west of Paris. Leatherhead formerly had a number of light manufacturing businesses, such as the Ronson’s lighter factory, but in and around the 1980s many closed or moved on. Recent years have seen the emergence of several industrial parks, and the town has attracted many service and headquarters operations, including well known companies.

The new headquarters of Police Federation of England and Wales is based in Leatherhead.

ExxonMobil, BR, Logica and Unilever has offices and sites in Leatherhead.

Leatherhead has a Theatre in the town presenting regular drama and acting as a theatrical centre for the area. Its theatrical history dates from at least Tudor times, when performances were held at village halls in the area. The Leatherhead Drama festival has been running for five years and is the UK’s largest drama festival, in which schools and drama groups from around the country compete each year.

Edmund Tilney, Master of the Revels to Queen Elizabeth I, lived in the Mansion house in Leatherhead.

Sir Thomas Bloodworth, Lord Mayor of London during the Great Fire of 1666, owned and lived at nearby Thorncroft Manor.

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