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Few little facts about Hurtmore

Hurtmore is a small village located in the parish of Shackleford, Surrey. There are no schools in Hurtmore. There are several businesses in Hurtmore, including a masseuse and a country pub.

The village does not appear in the Domesday survey of the eleventh century however Hurtmore manor in the east of the parish and Rodsall manor, just to the west of the parish, a far-south part of Puttenham appear. The name first appears (as Sakelesford) in 1220 with many variants appearing down the centuries. The derivation of the “Shackle” part of the name is uncertain and the subject of speculation. A possible formation is from the Old English verb sceacan (to shake) suggesting loose movement, perhaps the shaky or loose bottom of the ford itself.[3]

The name may derive from its ford belonging to a man with a cognate name or perhaps a ford secured by chains[dubious – discuss]. Others have speculated that the name derives from the Old English word ‘scacol,’ meaning tongue of land.[citation needed]Whatever the derivation, by the 14th century villagers began taking the place name as a surname, when there is known to have been a William de Shackleford who lived in the area.

Hall Place (see landmarks) was a large house of Richard Wyatt, who built the Mead Row Almshouses in 1619, before Hall Place was rebuilt for a school in the 19th century. Hall Place had an estate office, later made into an inn, called Cyder House. The inn was acquired by Mr. William Edgar Horne, who turned it into a modern mansion. now part of the school. Its panelling and overmantel of the dining-room came from the Cock Tavern in Fleet Street, London; its gallery railings in the hall came from the Old Banqueting Hall at Whitehall Palace.

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