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We are an experienced waste disposal and house clearance company operating in Frensham.

We offer environmentally friendly waste disposal service to domestic and commercial customers. If you live in Frensham and need a waste disposal or rubbish removal service, please contact us  0800 009 2111 or 0203 301 1435 or email us at or simply fill up our online quote form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you.

Few little facts about Frensham

Frensham is a village in Surrey.The origins of the name Frensham come from ‘Frena’s ham’. Frena was the name of either a Danish Earl who was killed in the battle of Ashdown in the year 871, or of a Saxon who was driven south from Northumberland by the Danes in 993. The second part ‘ham’ means ‘settlement’, and is also from where we get the word ‘home’, so Frensham is ‘Frena’s settlement’.

Frensham Common is owned by the National Trust and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It covers about 1,000 acres and comprises a large area of heathland, together with some coniferous and mixed woodland. There are two large ponds, known as Frensham Great and Little Ponds, which were built in the Middle Ages to provide fish for the Bishop of Winchester’s estate

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