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Few little facts about Camberley

Camberley is a town in Surrey.

Camberley was mentioned in the black-and-white film Lord of the Flies, loosely based on the William Golding novel. In this, the character Piggy correctly states that Camberley was formerly known as Cambridgetown, but changed its name following confusion with the town of Cambridge. He claims that the new name consisted of three parts; “Cam” taken from the original name of Cambridgetown, “ber” taken from the name of a nearby river (in fact there is no river with this name), and “ley” because it is a common ending for English town names (as in neighbouring Frimley). One would imagine this reference came from the child actor who played Piggy himself, Hugh Edwards, who left Camberley Primary School – long since demolished to make way for a town centre redevelopment – to star in the film.

Camberley and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are featured in a Doctor Who comic story entitled “The Warkeeper’s Crown”.

Tony Barker-May, former journalist and advisor to two Leaders of the Opposition and to the Premier of Western Australia, and senior advisor to the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, lived in Camberley from 1960 to 1971.

Holly Hull, 14-year-old singer who is the winner of the Disney Channel UK singing competition My Camp Rock is also born in Camberley.

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