Clearing a house is one of life's less appealing tasks. Often, there are belongings going back years, if not decades to sort through, and junk that fills several skips needing to be taken away. Tackling such a mammoth task alone is not recommended. House clearance companies are experts in sorting out items, assessing them for value, knowing how and where to dispose of rubbish and cleaning up as they go to leave a spotless, tidy and, above all, sorted house at the end of the process.

 So, how do they do it? Here we reveal some Anyclear secrets, as we uncover what goes on at a typical house clearance.

According to figures from Defra for 2003/04*, households in the UK produced a massive 30.5 million tonnes of waste in that time period. Yet only 17% of it was collected for recycling. We are lagging behind other European countries, some of which manage to recycle over 50% of their unwanted refuse.


garden junk clearance


An untidy, or overgrown garden can leave an unwanted impression about the occupants of a house or business premises. Unkempt weeds, stagnant ponds, dirty surfaces and piles of junk everywhere detract from the garden's appearance and can even be dangerous to those attempting to use, or even enter it. Here are some tips to help keep the garden looking neat, tidy and welcoming.


Antiques from Junk

From time to time, a story emerges in the media about someone who has struck lucky, finding a valuable antique in amongst the detritus of a house clearance or jumble sale bundle. Getting rid of everything in one go can be tempting when trying to clear a house or business premises, but beware of throwing away something you might regret letting go of later. If you find something that you think might be worth money, put it to one side and check it out at a later date. Here 's how to work out if you really do have some treasure in amidst the trash, and how to make the most of it if you do.


8140924022 11ca28d607 bAt AnyClear, we aim to recycle, reuse and re-sell as much as we can from the premises we clear. When we come across good quality items that are not suitable for the auction house or a specialist vendor, we tend to pass these on to charity shops for other people to give them a second chance. So we have got to know how charity shops work pretty well.

cleaning houseSorting out the house of a parent, relative or friend can be extremely daunting, as it is not your property under scrutiny. This can be the case whether they are still alive and trying to downsize, or if you are sorting out their house for probate or selling.