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We offer environmentally friendly waste disposal service to domestic and commercial customers. If you live in Brixton and need a waste disposal or rubbish removal service, please contact us on  0800 009 2111 or 0203 301 1435 or email us at or simply fill up our online quote form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you.

Few little facts about Brixton

Brixton was the meeting place of ancient Brixton Hundred of Surrey. Brixton means “Beorthsige’s Stone” from the old English personal name and stan “Stone”. The last element is not old English tun “farm, village”, despite the modern ton ending. It was recorded as “Brixiestan” in 1806 in the Domesday book.

Brixton is an area of south London in the London Borough of Lambeth. It is predominantly residential with a prominent street market and substantial retail sector. It is a multi-ethnic community with 24% of African and Caribbean descent giving rise to Brixton as the unofficial capital of the British African Caribbean community in London. The area remained mostly a waste land until the beginning of 19th century. One of the few surviving Windmills in London built in 1816, and surrounded by houses built during Brixton’s Victorian expansion, is to be found just off Brixton Hill. The Brixton area was bombed in WWII which let to a housing crisis, which in turn led to urban decay. In the 1940s and 1950s many immigrants particularly from West Indies settled in Brixton. More recent immigrants include a large Portuguese and other EU citizens. Brixton also has an increasingly ageing population which affects housing strategies in the area.

References to Brixton in song started with the release of “Whoppi King” by Laurel Aitken in 1968 and “Brixton Cat” by Dice the Boss in 1969. Brixton was also mentioned in the film, “V for Vendetta” as being the location where the first riots against Chancellor Adam Sutler’s Authoritarian British government broke out which resulted in Sutler calling out the army to try and stop growing public support for “V”.

Environmentalist James Lovelock, famous for proposing The Gaia Hypothesis, was born and spent his childhood in Brixton.

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